Frequently Asked Questions

Why SnipperApp 2 has a subscription-based model?

SnipperApp 2 is a long term project. The only way to fuel software development is to pay for it.
Thanks for your support in making the best snippets manager in the wild!

How to migrate from Snipper App v1?

Snipper App v1.5.2 or higher has backward-compatible backups with SnipperApp 2.
The only thing needed is to create a backup and open a backup file in SnipperApp 2 to restore your code snippets there.

How many languages are supported?

SnipperApp 2 supports syntax highlighting of 120 programming languages.

Are you going to integrate more services?

Yes. We want to integrate SnipperApp 2 with as many useful cloud services as it is possible.
In the next updates, we'll provide step by step integration with another beloved by engineers services, as Github Gists and some other 😉