SnipperApp 2

Native macOS snippets manager with modern, lightweight GUI, syntax highlighting, and Markdown support.
 macOS 10.14 or later required, 64-bit processor
Category: Developer Tools
Latest version: 2.0.7 ()
Seller: Andrey Teologov


Editor is built in a way to fit developer needs.
It supports features as:
  • Syntax highlighting of 120 programming languages
  • Showing of invisible characters
  • Showing of line numbers
  • Tab size customization
  • Insertion of spaces instead of tabs
  • Font customization
  • Dark and light themes for all supported languages
  • Markdown preview mode


SnipperApp 2 is designed in a way to support multiple storages.
Use Local storage to store your snippets only locally.
With the iCloud storage your snippets will be securely stored in the cloud by your Apple ID, and it allows to sync the users data between multiple apps on the different computers.
* iCloud storage uses a private database. Only the user can access this data through a device authenticated with their iCloud account.